Natural Food Colourings

Some of the nature’s Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers provide beautiful food dye¬†for our cooking, baking and of course Jelly making ! I will share on this post some of the basic colours we can derive from these nature’s wonders..

These food colouring can be homemade with ease and contain no artificial colour which may not be so healthy to our health.

Red – from Beetroot
Pink – from Dragon Fruit, Red Yeast Powder
Green – from Pandan (screwpine) leaves or Matcha powder
Blue – from Blue Pea Flower, or mix some baking powder to Purple juice
Purple – from Red Cabbage or Magenta Leaves
Yellow – from Yellow flower seeds from vietnam
Brown – Chocolate Milk or Cocoa Powder
Orange – I prefer to mix yellow with red, although some use carrot juice

The instructions are on the photos.. I will continue to update this post as I made new colours…


Making Red



Making Green



Making Purple

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