New Mooncake for 2016 Mid-Autumn Celebrations !

How about gifting  a new mooncake option for this year’s Mid-Autumn Celebrations ?
Introducing the new 3D Flower Mini Jellies; available for orders NOW !
Guarantee to impress and wow your family & friends with this unique *new* moon cake !

8-in-1 set

8-in-1 set

It’s also a healthy choice with reduced sugar (although if you have a sweet tooth, we can adjust to your orders) and we don’t use any preservatives at all !

They are great at cooling you down with each chewy bite..
Did I mention there are fruit bits in the Jelly ? Yes, all flavours comes with fruity flesh to complement the jelly flavour !

Currently offering Lychee, Oranges, Honeydew & Mango .. you can make your choice during your order placement

Each set has 8 Mini Jellies.. individual size is 2″ x 2″ and weighs ~90gms with the different flowers within.
Don’t worry about the colourful petals ! All colourings are 100% natural ! We use fruit/flower based natural colouring like Pandan Leaf, Dragon Fruit, Blue Pea (Bunga Telang) Flower, Vietnam Yellow tea seeds

100% natural colourings

100% natural colourings

We are open for orders now for deliveries in Lunar 8th Month … But hey, if you wanna bite into one now , we can do that too ! Just give us about 3 days advance notice ..

Promotion Price : RM60/set, buy 2nd set at 20% off.
with Free delivery to BM, Alma, Icon City, Autocity, CMart Pearl City
for the delivery to Penang island; a small fee apply unless you order above RM150 ! Then we can deliver for free !

Friends from out of Penang, if you wanna send the 8-in-1 Mini Jelly set as a gift, we accept online orders too ! 🙂

We welcome enquiries and orders via FB Messenger,  Whatsapp or SMS to +60164226972

Hope to hear from you soon !

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