Buttercream Flowers

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” – B. B. King

Whenever we see a beautiful wedding cake with the flowers, we often say “WOW” I wished I could do something like that !

Armed with that notion, I signed up for a Buttercream Flower class with Lea Oven. Kak Lea home studio is located in Kota Kemuning, Sepang; the drive to her place was a treasure hunt in itself ..

The class started promptly at 10am – Kak Lea is a strict teacher who will guide you patiently and with a lot of sense of humour.. her classes are never dull.

Each of us was presented with a crumb-coated cake and after showing us how the SMBC buttercream is prepared; the first thing we were taught were to crease the side with ombre turquoise butter cream…

coated and styled with the ombre turquoise cream

coated and styled with the ombre turquoise cream using only a round piping nozzle and a spatula.


Afterwhich, she taught us how to pipe the first rose ..


Kak Leah will teach you at least 8 flowers type at her class .. English Rose, Chinese Rose, Ranunculus, Closed Peony, Open Peony, Chrysanthemum & Hydrangeas. Besides that, she will also show you how to pipe flower buds, baby breath & Leafy greens !


one needs full concentration during the piping process

one needs full concentration during the piping process


At the end of class, we may not be master of flower decorating yet, but we are now capable of using various piping nozzles to beautify a cake with our choice of flowers ! Now, all it take is more practice and a lot of creativity …

Oh Almost forgot, you need a cool aircon kitchen too… The SMBC Buttercream does not last too well on our hot & humid tropical weather .. hahahah


Kak Leah & Me ..

Kak Leah & Me ..

If you wanna try this adventure out, feel free to contract Kak Lea for her class schedule…  Have fun !

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