3D Jelly Flower Art 全天然色素果冻

I first learnt about this new “Jelly” last year 2015 and actually found myself attending a class conducted by Ms Aki from Vietnam. Much to my surprise, it was really fun, albeit you need to be fast as Jelly tend to harden pretty quickly …

My 1st Jelly

My 1st Jelly

Using 100% Seaweed Jelly Powder which produces a clear canvas for one to “paint” on, only your imagination is your limit in making your Jelly Masterpiece !

8" Heart Shape Jelly with Chocolate Milk Base

8″ Heart Shape Jelly with Chocolate Milk Base

This dessert is considered healthier too; You can reduce sugar content and there is no added preservatives. What’s more, only natural colourings are used. Example : Red – Dragonfruit/ Red yeast Powder, Blue – Bunga Telang, Green – Pandan/ Matcha powder, Yellow – dried yellow flower seed, White – Milk, Brown – Cocoa Powder

9" Plum Shape with Orange Base

9″ Plum Shape with Orange Base


Just Keep Swimming

Just Keep Swimming

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