New Year, New Opportunities & New Cooking Skills ?

Happy New Year 2013 … 2012 has been busy.. pretty sure 2013 will be even busier. However, in all crazy juggling between work and play (what play ?) I am gonna try to become a better cook .. hahaha .. yes ME! A mother who hardly cooks for her kid – is finally picking up the pots and pans ..

To start off the year, I decided to start with something simple .. Spicy Shrimp Aglio Olio; which is my favourite spaghetti dish amongst the pasta family. After googling for several recipes, and there were many many on the web.. none of which was what I imagined I wanted… yikes!

Conclusion ? Simple Improvisation from what’s available  and a little prayer to cooking angels above so I don’t mess up LUNCH .. 🙂

Here’s what I managed to gather :-


4oz of spaghetti boiled in Salted Water (8 mins) followed by coating with Extra Virgin Olive oil (cupful)
10-12 Fresh Shrimps (shell removed & cleaned)
8 cloves of Garlic
1 nice looking Green Pepper-bell
4 pieces of Shitake Mushroom
Chopped Dried Chillies (to taste) (a spicier alternative : cili padi)


All the Shrimp cleaning, garlic cutting and pepperbell/mushroom slicing/dicing were done while the spaghetti were boiling .. so this dish is VERY EASY to prepare. And before the actual sautéing were done, we gather everyone for another group shot … yeah !


Using some butter (ahem, trying to enhance the taste) & 2 table spoon of Olive oil, all ingredients are sautéd together until fragrant. Start with the shrimps and be careful not to burn the garlic (since burnt garlic will result in bitter taste). Once the fragrant filled your kitchen, add in the spaghetti, mix them up &

VOILA !!! Spicy Shrimp Aglio Olio is served !
By the way, I think a bit of parmesan cheese & a dash of thyme would also enhanced the flavor too … I will include those next round ..


Bon Apetit ! Happy New Year and may the year ahead brings new beginnings, new experiences and new found hobby !


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