Frying without Oil

Yay .. got a new *toy* in the kitchen! A brand new Philips Airfryer .. healthy frying without oil (or at least minimally used).

The big black fella took up lion share of  our tiny kitchen counter.


The first thing we tried to fry was an EGG ! Hahahaha.. following the lady ¬†promoter’s advice.. we use a non-stick pan for our experiment !

img_2257Turning the temparature knob to 180 degree C and time setting knob to 3 minutes.. we turned the unit on !

Ta Daa !!! Perfectly fried Sunny Side Up for breakfast !

Now to try out other food type … the accompanying cookbook had mostly potatoes based recipes. Gonna try out this nifty little Facebook page on Philips Airfryer where users are posting their own recipes and sharing the wonderful experience with this kitchen helper !

This is gonna be interesting !


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