Impressive Young Talents 2

WIth some time to kill on 31/8 Merdeka evening, i attended Talent Show organized by Itosii Kids Fashion at  Autocity, Juru. Wow – what I found was a group of young kids – some as young as 4 years old – who took to the stage like they owned it .. Be it Catwalk, Singing and even Belly Dancing, some of these young talents really show they do have the X factor ! Kudos to Itosii Kids Fashion for organizing this annual event to groom and cultivate young artists whilst letting the youngster gain confidence and experiences!







2012 Winner – Stiffeny Loh


Another amazing talent is their mentor/ dance instructor .. Wilson Law. Who not only can dance, he could sing extremely well too; and per the emcee, Wilson is also a very good cook …

For more pictures of the young contestants, see mouse over and click any of the below photos from the Gallery

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