Stop and Smell the Flowers

Stop !

Life is whizzing us by so fast.. sometimes you need to just STOP ! and learn to Smell the Flowers…


Working more than 12hr work day, skipping meals, missing time spent with your loved ones, having absolutely no time to call your own… That ain’t healthy.. you don’t need an expert to tell you that. Sooner or later, either your body will burn out OR you will find youselves alone in the world..


Recently, I was down again with stomach bug – a fever-causing bacteria infection which literally force me to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWER ! The up & down fever made sure I slept and remain rested for at least 3 days… of course, the powerful & expensive antibiotics helped too ..It was not a fun experience, having gone through this a 4th time since Dec 2011, it has become quite clear my health is not what it used to me. It maybe age but then again, it’s most likely was due to lifestyle.

Gotta learn to STOP and smell the flowers…what do you think ?


Photos here show Twistie  enjoying his flower time ….

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