Bella, Now We Have 4

One month ago on a bright & sunny Saturday morning, we rescued a little kitty from the neighborhood wet market. Kitty was about a month-old and pretty hyper.

We decided to name the little fella Marche .. that’s French for *market*; Marche got hissing warnings from Raya and her broods but had not even a hint of fear. The new kitty  intends to intrude and conquer his new home fast and demanded acceptance ! Soon as he got out the bath ..

That’s where we got into a bit of health issue. Marche infected  both Twistie & Forrest with some sort of skin problem and a visit to VET was inevitable. What was to be a vaccination trip turned out to be a antobiotic shot for all 3 cats.

And the vet also informed us Marche was a GIRL and not a boy … YIKES ! Are you sure, Doc ?

Yes Ma’am.

So Marche needed a new name.. Marche was too boyish .. hahaha..  Since the little fella came to us filthy and smelling like the wet market – a new name came to mind … Bella .. short for BELACHAN..  & Marche became BELLA !

In the short time Bella has been with us, she has brought many joys and fun into our home; the 2 older cats tolerate her and patiently play-fight with her at her whim.

Come feeding time, they allow the young princess the extra bite from their plates.. All said, she has managed to become one of the family fairly quickly. Even the Royal Raya has accepted the youngster as one of her brood and gives her daily tongue-bath!

Here’s Bella in her first portrait session….






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