Charity Bear

A visit to Straits Quay over the weekend proved fruitful … we met Helen Lee at the Flea market and her broods of colourful bears … Aside from selling the ready-made (sewn) bear of various sizes, Helen also sells DIY version where you can choose the coloured patterns you like in a complete kit of cotton fillings, threads & ribbons, buttons & of course the pre-sewn cotton fabrics..

All it takes is a little bit of time and voila .. one can complete a bear within a few short hours.. This particular bear was completely by Fan Lin within a couple of hours..She’s already asking for a second Bear


Helen also offers help to those who may need them to complete any bear.. beside an instructional sheet that comes with the kit, she also conducts Bear & Bunny workshop at her shop in Simpang Ampat. Details on  her facebook page – Helen’s Handmade Shoppe



Wanna see more of these adorable bears ? check out this FB Page – the Ferringhi Garden Charity Bears … where you can adopt one at RM36.00 each ..Proceeds will go to the Children’s Protection Centre in Penang.. & they ship worldwide !

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