Forrest – A Determined Kitty

Looking at him now, one would not know that Forrest was born with deformed back legs. At birth, his PAW was facing upwards and he had to drag his backlegs to move around.

Eldest amongst 2 surviving kittens, he could hardly walk & fighting for mommy’s milk was a chore but our little fella was a fighter …


During the initial weeks, we lovingly massaged his back legs daily. It must have been painful because Forrest would meowed loudly in protest but we persisted.. We had expert advise that the massages would help. If not, he may have ended up crawling throughout his life


We were so relieved when Forrest finally learnt to walk using all 4 legs.


Our determined little kitty even started to play fight with his brother Twisties. And he’s usually the bully !


By his 3rd month, Forrest was walking and running (zooming) around the house wrecking havoc ! When we got our IPAD2, Forrest was the SMART kitty who had his fair-share of the play time with the new toy.

Now, at 5 months, these siblings are now considered teenage boys who loves nothing but to tear the whole house apart.. The aggression is beginning to show … Soon – the spraying will start … MMmmmmm… I think it’s time to consider that important visit to the VET..




What does this little story teach us ? Winners never quit ….. so what if life threw us some hard times ? It’s up to us to never give up but persevere to face the difficulties .. success will come !


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